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My Design is a creative designed Brand, its exertion is to find out creative designer. It is also export oriented organization. This company founded 2015. My Design has skilled product designer and Development Team. We are designing the fabrics, Clothes, Home Textile, Crocarize, Prize Crest, MUG, Plate, Cap, Pen, Badge, ID Card, liflet, banner, uniform, promotional product, Gift Item and many more to know visit our Product page. My Design itself as a brand, introducing many other brands through this online shop. My Design promoting new brand & supporting to develop new branding in locally and aboard. Introducing customization product in Bangladesh.

We are proficient to export within very short period of time since we are also headed with our own product development section, own printing factory and own Embroidery factory. So we are in capable to minimize the development lead time to shorten the total lead time. We are very much proficient for the develop Sales Man Samples, Marketing Samples, Meeting Samples, Presentation Samples.

Our motto are to provide tremendous quality product, with in possible minimum time frame with sensible/ competitive price to achieve customer’s satisfaction.

Our Strength : we may provide 3/5pcs product at customized design as customer requirement.

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